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ComfeTravel Portable Air Pad

ComfeTravel Portable Air Pad

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Dimensions: 6ft long, 3ft wide, 6in thick

Material: Suede Composite; High Density Anti-Skid

  • A compact inflatable airbed
  • A built-in Inflatable pillow.
  • Easy to be carried in a luggage bag and backpack.
  • A powerful automatic pump.
  • Adjustable firmness for the bed and pillow.
  • Durable and easy to clean material.



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Step one


Our air pads arrive in very secure packaging, Inside you will find your air pad conveniently placed in our branded pouch which is great for travel!

Step two


Unpack and inflate your air pad in under 3 minute! It's perfect for an afternoon  on the green or most importantly at the airport during layovers.

Step three


The packing up process is just as easy as the setup. Just release the valves, deflate and place it right back in our branded air pad pouch.