Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the pad weigh?

The ultralight sleeping pad from ComfeTravel weighs just 4
pounds, making it a perfect lightweight option for easy transport and
comfortable sleep on the go.

How long does it takes to inflate?

The Ultralight Sleeping Pad with Built-in Pump inflates in
just 75 seconds, providing quick and convenient setup for a comfortable night's
sleep during your outdoor adventures.

How long can it last without charging?

The portable camping sleeping pads can last up to three
weeks without charging. However, it's advisable to recharge after each use for
optimal performance.

How long it takes you to charge?

ComfeTravel's portable folding sleeping pads are ready out
of the box—no charging time needed. Simply unfold and use for instant comfort
anywhere you go.

⁠Isthe pad machine washable?

While the lightweight sleeping pad isn't machine washable,
keeping it clean is a breeze with a simple wipe-down using a wet cloth.

Is there a warranty?

Yes, there’s a six-month warranty on our lightest weight
sleeping pad, ensuring quality and peace of mind for your outdoor adventures.

Why are your pads so much more expensive than what I’veseen on Amazon?

Our air pads are original designs. Many thought went into
the selection of the fabric style, texture and quality. Our pads can be custom
designed to our customers’ preference as I am the original creator of the pad.
Unlike pads that are bought from a third party such as Alibaba in bulk and are
being resold on various platforms to the consumer, our pads are uniquely
designed. The quality and design of our pads will not be found anywhere else.

What is one unique selling point of your airpad?

The ability to obtain your desired level of firmness by
simply pressing the release valve that is located on the pillow top.

How to Use ComfeTavel Air Pad