How It Started

In the winter of 2018, I embarked on a journey with my two young daughters. A four-hour layover at the San Juan International Airport, at 4am, became a crucible of discomfort. With my two young daughters lying down uncomfortably on my winter coat while I searched for a place to lay my head, the reality of the lack of a suitable resting place between layovers, hit home.

As I watched my children shiver on the cold airport floor, I knew something had to change. It was there, in that moment of maternal ingenuity the spark of innovation ignited within me. I realize that someone needed to create a solution for moments like these, a portable bed that would easily fit in a carry-on and inflate in a breeze.

After reflecting on what my daughters and I went through, as well as their camping experiences with our Pathfinder club, I decided to create an innovative solution to solve this problem. Hence the birth of ComfeTravel.


    Founder & Designer



Our Mission

At ComfeTravel, our mission is to redefine the travel experience, one journey at a time. We aim to empower travelers with means to embrace delays, cancellations, and adventures alike, all without the specter of discomfort looming over them.

We are a visionary enterprise that has etched its name indelibly in the annals of travel comfort. We specialize in providing a revolutionary portable air pad equipped with an integrated automatic pump, engineered to deliver peerless comfort in the face of flight delays, cancellations, and the rigors of camping, as well as various indoor and outdoor activities.

From the cold floors of San Juan International Airport to the wind-swept vastness of a campsite, ComfeTravel provides a level of comfort unmatched by anything else. With a powerful built-in automatic pump, our product easily inflates, creating a personal and luxurious haven in mere moments. Deflating with ease and packing down into a compact size, it offers freedom from the restrictions of traditional bulky cots and sleeping bags.

ComfeTravel is your passport to true relaxation.

With our innovative products, we aim to make travel more enjoyable for everyone while delivering environmentally sustainability. Striving to be more than just another travel accessory, we strive to foster meaningful human connection through effortless luxury and convenience.